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Boot-Camps for 2020

Admissions Essays -- All-Important During the Pandemic

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this year's essays will be even more important than usual in the admissions process for both high school and college. In many cases, testing is being de-emphasized (and in a few cases, ignored altogether). So while those standardized test scores can still be helpful and important for some schools admissions, it's the essays that will be the decisive factor. Towards that end, I'm holding Writer's Camps later this summer for kids to brainstorm, write, and edit essays. 

My philosophy: It's important to note that I will NOT be writing essays for children, nor editing heavily so that it transforms into my own work. This is partly a matter of ethics but it is so much more than that. I want students to enjoy writing, improve their skills in general, and feel proud of their final product. I firmly believe that a strong foundation in personal narrative writing is helpful for an entire life of cover letters, applications, and communication in general. Writing these essays provides an unusual opportunity for self-reflection, expression, and growth, but that can be overshadowed by children feeling criticized by parents.

My experience: I have coached countless students (both privately and as an Admissions Placement Counselor and Director for schools) with essays that have helped them earn places at the most competitive high schools (from San Francisco to NYC, both day and boarding schools) and colleges (across the US and overseas), work closely and ethically with many  students, families, and Admissions Directors.  Most critically, I am a career-long, professional writer. I have made my career as a journalist and writer on a wide variety of topics, in a wide array of publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Variety Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, Star-Tribune, Boys' Life, Princeton Alumni Weekly, Maui Magazine, and many more. An example of published personal narrative can be found at Wine Enthusiast Magazine:


Weekend session(s)

High School Admissions Essays & College Admissions Strategy & Boot Camps

  • Mornings or afternoons, 3-hr sessions, including private breakout coaching and discussions

  • Strategy for class, activity, extracurricular selection that is both authentic yet effective and that allows candidates to stand out among  competitive applicants

  • Discussion of long-term goals and testing, classwork, and other requirements to fill to be eligible for consideration

  • Please inquire by email through the Contact page.

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