Rates and fees

Contact me for scheduling availability and for placement in group classes.

Initial 20-minute consult to determine if I am a good fit for you and to craft a plan for going forwards: free

Standard private rates (includes tutoring and/or counseling, in person or by video conferencing, in any proportion):

​Hourly fee: $230

22 hours: $4,900 (additional hours $220)

​44 hours: $9,500 (additional hours $210)

"In person" fee for house calls or in-person meetings: $50 per session within SF, no matter how long the session, involving commute/parking on my part. $10 per session if place/time involves no commute/parking on my part. Not applicable for video conferencing sessions: NOTE: all sessions virtual in 2022.

​Group rates (includes tutoring and/or counseling, in a proportion agreed upon by group):

Hourly fee 2 people: $140 each

Hourly fee 3 people: $110 each

Hourly fee 4+ people: $95 each

20 hours, 2 people: $3,000 each (weekly/regular sessions or create your own boot-camp schedule)

20 hours, 3 people: $2,500 each (weekly/regular sessions or create your own boot-camp schedule)

20 hours, 4+: $2,000 each (weekly/regular sessions or create your own boot-camp schedule)


Fees  cover the services you most need: tutoring, test prep (tricks and strategies), school placement counseling and search services, advocating with admissions offices, application coaching, essay guidance and editing for students and parents, interview coaching, course and activity selection with an eye towards future applications, writing workshops, school tutoring, resume and cover letter crafting, and more.

Cancellation Policy:

For individual sessions canceled 24 hours or more in advance, there will be no charge. For pre-paid packages, these canceled sessions will simply be re-scheduled with 24-hr or more notice.

For no-shows and last-minute cancellations (with 24 hours), the full fee will be charged (or deducted from the package).

​Louis Dulfon Scholarship: If you would like to nominate a student between 5th-12th grades or would like to be considered for partial or full scholarship, please contact me for the simple form. This is meant to provide highly motivated students with greater financial needs the same opportunities as those with more means to improve test scores, essays, and schools selection in order to maximize chances of getting into top-choice and great-fit schools. The most recent scholarship recipient was accepted into and will be attending Stanford University!