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Significant test score increases and proven success with placement

Students often see modest to striking increases up to 20, 30, even 50 percentile points or more (compared to baseline tests) in SAT, ACT, AP, SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, or other tests in both specific sections and/or overall scores. Students report a huge drop in stress levels, as well as improved scores. The vast majority of students I've worked with receive offers from at least one 1st-tier choice college or high school.

College, High School, Middle School, Elementary School (K and pre-K) Counseling

I work with high school students from around the world applying to colleges and universities in the US, North America, the UK, and elsewhere abroad. I also work with children of all ages looking for pre-K through high schools in the Bay Area (and in Paris, France). I am a member of the Bay Area Secondary School Counselors and counsel/coach/tutor for the competitive field of Bay Area high schools.

Experience with gifted, dyslexic, and other special-circumstance students

I tailor my tutoring, coaching, and advice to the unique circumstances of each student and family. I have experience with gifted children, including home-schooled (and unusually-schooled), and have worked successfully with children with dyslexia, ADHD, and learning differences.

Humane, fun, low-stress approach to reduce stress for testing and applications

I firmly believe the best way to craft a successful application -- including writing authentic essays and improving test scores -- is to make the process enjoyable and rewarding for the student. Not only does this lead to greater success in getting into a right-fit school, it also lets students learn about themselves, think positively about their talents, and find motivation to work for improvement.




  Your help with everything has been extraordinary. Your ability to convey what matters in a way she can understand and also in a way that she found fun and reduced her anxiety was all a godsend.

— Rachel P, parent in San Francisco



   My son absolutely adores Kazz's teaching style: competence and delivery. He finds it funny, smooth, intelligent and again wildly entertaining...

— Nina L, parent in San Francisco



     As a parent, it was a huge gift to be able to step back from the essay writing process and allow you to develop the topics with our daughter in fresh and unique ways.

—  Nicole L, parent in San Francisco

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